Raid Information

Raid Rules

Invites go out 20 minutes prior to raid start.

If you are going to be late you should post in our Discord's #late-and-absent-notice channel. If you are not online and have not told us you will be late you may be replaced in an attempt to maintain the scheduled raid start time.

New  Be prepared.

Repair your equipment, bring your consumables, and know the fights. The guild will provide flasks and feasts, but if you need special elixirs or food you need to bring them. You can use your preferred source to familiarize yourself with the fights. The raid leader will provide information on our current strategy, but knowing key mechanics and boss abilities is important. You will be required to prepare a list of loot that you want and submit it to before each phase. See below for more information about loot.

You must use Discord voice.

Tanks, healers, and those with critical roles must be able to speak clearly and be understood. All others only need to listen.

New  Do not expect a carry.

We want you to raid with us, but we don't want to carry you. Please do your best to gear up and be a contributing member of our raids. You can find gear lists on . If there are avenues of improving your gear outside of raid you are expected to put in the work. Raid logging in this situation is disrespectful to your fellow guild member.

Make sure we can count on you.

If for any reason you cannot guarantee you can stay for the full duration of the raid or if your internet connection is not stable you should not sign up for a raid.

You don't have to be sober, but you need to be coherent. Delays and mistakes caused by inebriation are unacceptable.

Be respectful while spectating.

If you are not in the raid, but have joined the voice channel to observe, do not interfere with the raid. The raid leader is in charge, and providing suggestions or making comments can derail an encounter or make it difficult for players to communicate. Consider sending a message in our Discord's #raid-chat channel instead.

Required Addons

Method Raid Tools

Pally Power

Get it on CurseForge

Only required for paladins.


Get it on CurseForge

You may substitute your own threat addon. What is important is that you watch your own threat.


Get it on CurseForge

WeakAuras to import


New  That's My BiS

All guild members will be allowed to create a wish list in That's My BiS (TMB). Normal and heroic loot for the current phase should be placed on the same wish list. You can have up to 100 items on your wish list, so put everything you want on your list. If more than one person sets an item as the same rank on their wish lists they will provide a roll from 1 to 100 and the highest roller will get priority on the item.

If there is a PUG in our raid, everyone that wants the item will roll. If the PUG wins the roll, they receive the item. If anyone in the guild wins the roll we will award the item to the person with highest priority according to TMB.

Items not on a wish list it will be rolled off using MS > Priority OS > OS, +1 rules.

A new wish list will be required at the beginning of each phase. When a phase begins the associated wish list will be locked. Changes to locked wish lists will need to be approved by the officer team on a case-by-case basis.

All members can create a wish list, but only Raiders and above will receive loot based on their lists. This will allow our dedicated members to receive loot before any newcomers.

New  What is Priority Off Spec?

Certain raid members have been assigned as backup roles to our mainline tanks and healers. These members will fill in on nights that a main tank or healer cannot be present. Because of this, we have created a rolling category to allow them access to tank and healing gear before our other members get them. This prevents us from experiencing hardships if any of our mainline members are absent.

All rolls will occur simultaneously.

If an item is being rolled for, the Loot Master will link an item in raid chat and ask all members to roll. You have a limited time to roll on each item. If you miss the roll window it will not be extended or restarted. The Loot Master will verify all rolls and points to determine the winner.

BoEs will be treated as normal loot.

Anyone that wins a BoE will be asked to equip the item and be inspected. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. If no one rolls on a BoE it will go to the guild bank to be auctioned or sold to other guild members at a discount.

Loot distribution is at the discretion of the Loot Master.

Sometimes there will be rolls on the same item from people of different classes/specs. If someone rolls on an item that is not intended for their class it may be awarded to someone that rolled lower, but is the intended class of the item. This rule will not be used to favor players, and anyone that witnesses behavior that they believe may be favoritism should notify the officer team immediately.

Alts cannot take loot from mains.

If the raid leader allows you to bring an alt to a raid you can roll following the above rules, but will not win any loot that another player rolls as MS or priority OS.

Raid sign ups

New  Raid sign ups close an hour before the scheduled raid.

Members are expected to sign up well in advance of each raid. Sign ups will be created at a minimum one week before the start of the event. This means that while we are in the middle of a raid, the next week's raid will be available. Please take the time to sign up early. This helps us plan our raid composition and focus on filling roles that may be lacking.

If you miss the sign up you can DM an officer to be manually added. If your are on the bench you are expected to be online and available to raid at the scheduled start time.

Our raid schedule is the same every week. Barring special circumstances, you are expected to know you will be available for our scheduled raids.

Sign up for both raids of each week at the same time.

Both raids for the week are posted at the same time. Sign up for both at the same time to help us get our raid compositions assembled quickly. Members that can attend both days will be selected over those that can only make a single raid day.

Members should sign up regardless of their availability. Selecting the Late, Absence, and Bench options are preferred over not signing up at all!

Bench should be selected if you intend to be online and available at the start of the raid, but would rather be a last choice for any available slots.

Tentative should be used if you are unsure of your availability. Anyone selecting this option will be treated as standby unless their status is changed before the raid composition is completed.

As you find that your availability changes please update your status in the raid sign ups.

New  Expect a rotating bench schedule.

Our goal is to maintain a raid team that is more than 25 members. That means that every week someone will have to sit out for all or part of each raid. We will do our best to rotate every member out on a fair schedule. By having backups for our main tanks and healers, no member will be exempt from this rotation. When the raid is formed, those members that are assigned to the bench will be notified. If the raid leader wants to rotate the bench at the scheduled break time, they will inform members on the bench and allow them the opportunity to join at that time.


Can I bring my alt to raid night?
Alts are no longer allowed to main raid nights. We need to focus on empowering our main characters to ensure the guild progresses through each phase.

Can I make my alt my main?

We understand that some people don't want to play the same character forever. If you decide you want to play another character as your main, contact the officer team. We will work with you to make it happen. Keep in mind that we still need to maintain our raid comps and prevent over-representing classes/roles.

We ask that you not request a character change around the release of new content. Please plan ahead so there is enough time to get the new character geared and prepared for upcoming content.