Rules & FAQ

General Rules

Be respectful.
Treat each other fairly and with respect. Cutting up is fine. Being a jerk is not. Racist, homophobic, sexist, and ableist comments will not be tolerated.

Adventure together.
Invite guild members to quest and run dungeons before asking others. Include interested members that are appropriately leveled and geared for the activity.

No cheating.
Conduct and communications that violate the Blizzard Terms of Service or any other policies governing game play are prohibited. This includes discussing or promoting any conduct that violates the TOS (e.g., botting, hacking, gold selling).

No begging.
Do not ask other members to give you things for free. Asking if any crafter can make an item with your materials is fine. Demands for free items, loot, or gold are not allowed.

No stealing.
Do not steal from guild members or other Horde players. This includes tag sniping, ninja looting, and other forms of griefing.

No trolling.
Conduct and communications through any guild or public channels that are meant to antagonize or harass others or to stir up drama will not be tolerated.

No spamming.
Do not post excessively in any in-game channels or on Discord. Self-promotion is prohibited in all guild and public channels. This includes linking to your social media, streams, or other created content. The sole exception is linking to an active guild raid or event stream.

No explicit sexual content.
Communications through any guild or public channels involving any explicit sexual content or conduct are prohibited.

No politics or religion.


Welcome to the guild!


Awarded to Initiates that have been active for a minimum of two weeks.

New  Raider

Awarded to Members that achieve a near-perfect attendance rate for scheduled guild raids. You must demonstrate your commitment by being available for each raid at its designated start time.

New  Veteran

Only attainable after earning the Raider rank. You must apply for this rank by reaching out to the officer team. Veterans are expected to assist guild members of all classes to perform well in raids. This includes gear, enchants, gems, spec, and strategies. Reviewing posted raid logs is expected and required.

Failure to perform required duties may result in losing this rank.


"Don't call us. We'll call you." Our goal is to keep the officer team as small as possible without any unnecessary bloat. As the guild grows in size we may need to recruit additional officers. These are hand-picked by the current officer team.

Guild Bank


Members are able to withdraw a single item/stack from the first five tabs of the guild bank each day. These items are free to use at your discretion so long as they are not sold to other players via trade or the auction house.

Members are given a 50 repair allowance during guild raid events.


Once you attain the rank of Raider you are eligible to request items from the last tab of the guild bank. Items are first-come, first-served. These items are sold to guild members for 30% of the current auction price (70% discount). If the item is being purchased for an alt, the rate increases to 40% of the current auction price (60% discount). This low fee will help us pay for guild repairs, consumables, enchants, etc. When you receive an item you are required to equip it immediately and be inspected.

Enchanting and crafting materials may be requested in Discord.

Raiders are given a 75 repair allowance during guild raid events.


Veterans are given a 100 repair allowance during guild raid events.


Officers are given a 100 repair allowance during guild raid events.